Monday, December 10, 2007

Attempted Isolation...

I tried a Bane (Isolation) Implant today that one of my very good friends, Miss Giri Gritzi made for me...very odd. A combination of relaxation, not having to do anything or say anything, and terror.

Only about 5 hours, so far, and she's been very easy on me. Estimated total of 7 hours. But in return for giving me a taste of it, I had to agree to a 12 hour stint, but one that's more challenging.

And I also have to keep the Implant on even when it's not locked except under certain circumstances on a more or less permanent basis. I'll be free, except after it's locked at times we agree on.

Does that mean I'll eventually become a pet? Doubt it, did that RL, never want to get there again. Does it mean that I want to try this with a *much* more severe restriction? Yes. I want to try a similar program to what Sophia went through, with all the evil ideas that Marine can come up with. ALL of them, even the ones she hasn't implemented yet.

And I want to do it with at LEAST one other Bane, better yet, several, all of us locked in identical outfits, trapped in a sim with each other.


Moss Hastings said...

Hi Jayleia
Could you say a bit more about the 'brain implant' please?

Jayleia Greene said...

Sure, it basically is a hack, using a Sensations by Lycia remote egg (it can vibrate someone in SL from any other sim), for the vibe and chastity functions, one of Marine Kelley's Serious Shackles collars for the locking and surveillance features.

Add to that Marine's Restrained Life scripts and viewer, and a custom Lockable_Config file to make escapes more difficult...

Danii said...

Hi Jayleia!
I just discovered you have a blog here too. Great!
... and even a Bane experience?! I read about that on Marine's blog, and the Subbie Union blog,... it's how I came here. I would love to try it too, sooner or later.

See you In World!

Jax said...

Hawt idea! :)