Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Brief Intro

Hello, to all who know me from Second Life, or those who don't and wish to know me. Or to those who don't wish to me at all.

I am Jayleia Greene, kinky, geeky Role Player, I can be, and HAVE been many things, and will be many more. From an innocent, unsuspecting waif just off the bus, to an aggressive, sadistic prison guard, or other, more bizarre things.

Don't ask me about my RL, I *am* Jayleia Greene, I will tell you what I need to tell you about my RL when I want to tell you. I am fairly open, but don't ask me for RL contact info.

You can often find me in the SLBI offices in Zhora where I am a Special Agent in the Second Life Bureau of Investigation, or wandering around Hayao being something, I haven't determined what, yet. But, I can turn up damn near anywhere, especially if there's cuffs, cages or locked doors nearby.

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